Have You ever been in sort of a blah mood with nothing much to do? Well, I have. When lucky for me, suddenly out of nowhere, on this very special day, Your Dream Will Come True caught my Attention and Attracted me to a unique opportunity to take the Action to get motivated and start working on My Own Special Dream.

After reading this extremely important little eBook I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I was stimulated to get a Pen and Pad and start the process. This is the way it happened to me, and lucky for You, the same thing can happen to You. For today is Create Your Very Own Dream Day!

 This simple little eBook is a game changer! It will propel You into a new sense of discovery.

 "As You go on through life, whatever You may do, Never Ever Give Up Hope and Your Dreams Will Come True!" ©Dr. Phil D Mayers



Have You ever wondered why anyone in his or her right mind (including You) would select an eBook with the title BIRD BRAINS UNLIMITED? An eBook with an obviously Confused Looking BIRD on its cover!

 Well perhaps You are a unique person? One that possesses an amazing spark of life. A spark that allows You (to occasionally take a little stroll off the beaten path and dare to be different). Well good for You! Because these Unusual Short Stories certainly are different. And, of course, (an occasional little stroll off the beaten path can be quite rewarding!).


Inside Zip My Lip are many Lessons, waiting to be discovered in Creative Poetry, Word Play, and Humor. This Outstanding little eBook beautifully Captures and Illustrates the Essence of Scripture from a Child's Perspective. Valuable Lessons are Learned while making a Lasting Impression. Full Color illustrations accompany each Rhyme, adding a new dimension to these Timeless Lessons. This little eBook is sure to encourage (Kids 3 to 93) to honor their Loving GOD.


    Vo Deblanc & Julie Talbot, Literary Critics

These eBooks are lots of fun! And all you must do is press your favorite Book Cover and for the amazing price of 3 United States Dollars (3USD) your eBook will immediately download and be yours to enjoy!
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This amazing eBook was Inspired by The Parable of THE PRODIGAL SON. (Luke 15:11-24). It’s about an Orange Puppy Dog who's favorite thing to do is play his Guitar. He Dreams about leaving home so he can go out and see the world, and become a Guitar Playing Star.


This eCookbook will Delight Your Senses, Stimulate Your Taste Buds, and give You the Pleasure of Enjoying Home Cooking at It’s Very Best. Imagine that! The Precise Directions and Perfectly Balanced Seasonings take the Mystery out of Cajun Creole Cooking. So, do Yourself a Favor and Take a Relaxing Diversion Off the Beaten Path. So Have a Little Fun, Relax and Enjoy.

JESUS makes many references to Bread in the Bible and does relate Himself to Bread: AND JESUS SAID TO THEM, I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE: HE THAT COMES TO ME SHALL NEVER HUNGER; AND HE THAT BELIEVES IN ME SHALL NEVER THIRST. (John 6:3)

 For many of us, Baking Bread has a Magical Quality, and this little eBook Keeps It Simple. To feel It as You Shape the Dough, see It as It Rises, Smell It as It Ferments and Bakes, as and Love It as You Enjoy the Taste of Freshly Baked Bread. This Fills You with Wonder, and Truly Is A Gift from God. To Bake Bread with Others — especially Children — Draws Us Closer to Each Other and Closer to Our Loving God.



This Little Red & Yellow Mouse Lives in a Leaky Straw House and can never get quite Warm. Those Leaky Leaks allow the Cold Wind and Rain to Blow into her Leaky Straw House. So, one day she decided to leave her Leaky Straw House and Go Out and Find a Nice Warm House to Live In.

These True Stories are a reflection of lessons learned, and authenticates the fact, that indeed "Truth is stranger than fiction!" So please feel good about yourself, have fun, give yourself a hug, pat yourself on the back, loosen-up and enjoy this wonderful eBook!

"As You go on through life, whatever You may do, Never Ever Give Up Hope and Your Dreams Will Come True!"

©Dr. Phil D Mayers


Mindy Bradburn (Special Education Teacher)

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Will always make you feel good about yourself!

Dr. Phil D. Mayers Arthor Blogger.

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