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"This is not a thing

which as the Proverb

says: Any pig should know."

(Plato 375 B.C.)

A couple of days ago with nothing much to do???

I took a ride to the internet,

to Virtually Blog a Bank (or two)




























I hated being in a jail cell (Unhappy as can be!). That this was "The End" of my Virtual Blogging Career© was very plain to see.


The Big Jailer shouted out! "(It’s very plain to me!) Let’s put that Virtual Bank Blogger© out of his misery! (Let’s hang him from a tree!)".


When I went before the Honorable Judge (As scared as can be!) my knees just couldn’t quit shaking (I was shaking at the knee!).


I started praying to God for His help, when much to my surprise, the Bank President walked into the Court Room with a sparkle in his eyes. He handed a document to the Honorable Judge, and that wonderful document read: "Our bank will not press charges (We’re, happy as can be!). The Virtual Bank Blogger© has helped our bank, grow in popularity. (Bank deposits just went through the roof), the highest in history!".


Well, that’s the end of my story and a thought just came to me. If birds of a feather can flock together, why can't we? So, let's all flock together and form our very own Virtual Bank Bloggers Society©. This (Special Place will give each of us an opportunity), to steer traffic to our Books, Blogs and Websites (For all the world to see).

  Dr. Phil D Mayers, The Virtual Bank Blogger©







They confiscated my computer and hauled me off to jail. And (Unlucky for me!) there happened to be, no one to pay my bail.


Well, I did just that, when much to my dismay! The FBI stormed into my house and hauled me away. I don’t know why I did it (I was guilty as can be!). For Virtually Blogging Banks (is a Federal Offence), so they arrested me!

Mindy Lou, Special Edcuation teacher

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