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"This is not a thing

which as the Proverb

says: Any pig should know."

(Plato 375 B.C.)




























I hated being in a jail cell (Unhappy as can be!). That this was "The End" of my Virtual Blogging Career© was very plain to see.


The Big Jailer shouted out! "(It’s very plain to me!) Let’s put that Virtual Bank Blogger© out of his misery! (Let’s hang him from a tree!)".


When I went before the Honorable Judge (As scared as can be!) my knees just couldn’t quit shaking (I was shaking at the knee!).


I started praying to God for His help, when much to my surprise, the Bank President walked into the Court Room with a sparkle in his eyes. He handed a document to the Honorable Judge, and that wonderful document read: "Our bank will not press charges (We’re, happy as can be!). The Virtual Bank Blogger© has helped our bank, grow in popularity. (Bank deposits just went through the roof), the highest in history!".


Well, that’s the end of my story and a thought just came to me. If birds of a feather can flock together, why can't we? So, let's all flock together and form our very own Virtual Bank Bloggers Society©. This (Special Place will give each of us an opportunity), to steer traffic to our Books, Blogs and Websites (For all the world to see).


Dr. Phil D Mayers, The Virtual Bank Blogger©



I look forward to enjoying your company, and just between you and me, let's keep it simple and not post any offensive content that little kids might see. And to avoid any impropriety which I think it's only right, I will continue to post my own Blogs under the heading (Blogs) on my own website (quackybooks.com)


Please post Your information and join our Virtual Bank Bloggers Society©. So, we can all be propelled into a new dimension of creativity!


Mindy Bradburn (Special Education Teacher)

Please Share Quackybooks.com With Your Friends.

Because Sharing With Others,

Will Always Make You Feel Good About Yourself!


Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author blogger


They confiscated my computer and hauled me off to jail. And (Unlucky for me!) there happened to be, no one to pay my bail.


Well, I did just that, when much to my dismay! The FBI stormedinto my house and hauled me away. I don’t know why I did it (I was guilty as can be!). For Virtually Blogging Banks (is a Federal Offence), so they arrested me!

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