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13. An Obituary For Bubba

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

An Obituary for Bubba

My Big Brother, Val Kenneth Mayers (we all called him Bubba) was born on Sunday April 10, 1932 in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was the second born of five kids to his mother, Florence Isabelle Smith Mayers, and his father, Leon Bernard Mayers.

At Lafayette High School he was an amazing athlete, State Champion Boxer, All State Football Player, and the best Fisherman and Hunter there could ever be. When he graduated from College (SLI) in Lafayette, Louisiana he joined the Air Force.

After serving his tour of duty he came back to Lafayette and opened Val’s Restaurant (Serving the best food ever!). He went on to have an extremely successful career as an Insurance Salesman. Bubba was the best Brother anyone could ever have, and I just loved him more than anything. He died on Saturday August 22, 2020 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I miss him! He was my Ideal. And although I’m in no hurry, I do look forward to seeing him in Heaven.

Little Brother Phil

Dr. Phil D Mayers

Vintage Leather Boxing Gloves

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