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Updated: Apr 15

Have you ever had a women FALL for you? Well, I have!

Just last week a friend of mine, excitedly told me he found a woman that had FALLEN for him. Unfortunately for me, I have never had that experience. And I must admit I was jealous. Since Grammar School I have always nurtured the fantasy of having one FALL for me.

He went on to add that she was obviously A FALLEN WOMAN. I didn’t quite know what he meant by the term A FALLEN WOMAN, so I looked it up in my trusty Thesaurus which said A FALLEN WOMAN was a Loose, Dishonored, Shamed, Immoral, Sinful, Disgraced, Ruined Woman.

Of course, I didn’t agree with this definition, for it was contrary to everything I had ever hoped for. For after all, the Thesaurus doesn’t know everything! And I can prove this by an amazing experience that happened to me just yesterday. After a good breakfast and my morning shower I decided to take out the garbage. And in case you didn’t know it, I’m a GERM FREAK, and I take two showers a day, one in the morning and one in the evening before bed.

As I was walking to the dumpster a nice-looking lady, about 35 years old, was also taking out her garbage. She was walking rather slowly on the sidewalk about 10 yards in front of me. It was about 8:30 in the morning, sunny and rather warm. She was barefooted, wearing a thin colorful sundress. Suddenly she veered off the sidewalk onto the short grass. She appeared to be a bit unstable, AS SHE LOOKED OVER AT ME and FELL onto the ground. My heart was fluttering as the reality of what was taking place overwhelmed me. The way SHE LOOKED AT ME AS SHE LAY THERE, told me that I had at last been blessed with A FALLEN WOMAN.

Being an ex-Boy Scout, and always ready to help a lady in distress, I rushed over to offer my assistance.

As I helped her up, she told me she was suffering from a severe case of the Flu, was very weak and delirious, and how fortunate she was that I was there to help her. She went on to say that she was also Dehydrated from continuous bouts of Diarrhea and Projectile Vomiting.

She offered a hug and an invitation to join her in her apartment for some coffee and apple pie — Which I quickly refused — As I turned around and rushed off to my own apartment to take another shower. For after all, I am a GERM FREAK, and the last thing I want to be is Dehydrated from continuous bouts of Diarrhea and Projectile Vomiting.

But after all, it was a wonderful experience I shall never forget. For at last, A WOMAN had FINALLY FALLEN for me!



This Website Is Dedicated To Children From 3 to 93.

And to my wonderful Mother for continually reminding me that you must have Coffee when you are Cooking.

because Coffee Gives You Courage©

(And I can't help but believe this holds true

when Reading and Writing Books and Blogs.)

Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger

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(Mindy Lou, Special Education Teacher)

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