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Coffee Gives you Courage

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

My Momma’s Coffee Cup

I was sitting in one of my favorite Coffee Shops STARBUCKS©, CC’s Coffee©, and/or PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans (I forgot which one?) with a comforting Palindrome Latte close at hand, thinking about my Dear Sweet Mother.

When I was a little boy, my Momma always told me to be sure to have a Good Hot, Fresh, Cup of Coffee available when you are Cooking. Because she often said: Coffee Gives You Courage

and as you might have guessed, my Dear Sweet Momma was an excellent Cook and a very wise Lady.

Ever since my Mom shared these comforting words, I have always equated the word Coffee with Courage. And believe me, it probably takes a lot of Coffee, to give you enough Courage, to continue reading this Blog.

And as you might have guessed, I’m not Cooking, but I am enjoying a good fresh hot cup of Coffee while writing this wonderful Blog. For after all, I am an Author, and a Blogger and my Dear Sweet Mother’s advice about Coffee Giving You Courage when you are Cooking, could also be used to imply that Coffee can also give You Courage when You are Writing. As matter of fact, I can’t help but believe that Coffee can give you Courage, when you are doing just about anything.

Which brings up the word Metaphor, which is a word or phrase using one thing (In this case Coffee.) that can be used to represent something else (In this case Courage.). So, in my humble opinion, Coffee can be used as a Metaphor for Courage, because both are mighty powerful words. And in the hierarchy of Metaphors, I am reasonably sure that Coffee ranks somewhere near the top. Perhaps, that is why I Love Coffee so much.

So please do yourself a favor and spend a little quality time with a comforting Cup of Palindrome Latte© and perhaps you will have enough Courage to Write a novel or two.

Dr. Phil D Mayers, Author Blogger

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