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Molly’s Six Pack

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Well, (Lucky for You!) if You have never written one and perhaps have entertained the thought. Hopefully todays’ lesson on How to Write a Blog will surely encourage You to become a Blogger. So, please allow me to tell You a few things about myself that uniquely qualifies me to get You started on your Blogging career.

I guess the easiest thing for me to do is to make You aware of the fact that one of my special gifts from my Loving God is “the ability to make complicated things simple”. So, to keep this presentation simple I will quit wasting Your valuable time and continue to write this Blog that I am in the process of creating at this very moment. So, relax and enjoy this Blog. And as You read Your subconscious mind will start to absorb the Blogging process. And while stimulating Your subconscious mind it will also help You gain a little more confidence. You can also visit my Website and have a look at some of my other Blogs. If You like them, you, should continue reading this Blog. However, if You don’t like them, I would suggest that You certainly are wasting Your valuable time and You should probably move on to “Greener Pastures” wherever they might be?

(Lucky for Me!) I am in The Woodlands, Texas, visiting my daughter, Mindy, recovering from her shoulder surgery. And I would be amiss if I didn’t state that The Woodlands Texas surely must be (The Rescue Dog Capital of the World). Throughout the day You are sure to witness a parade of lovely people Walking their lucky Rescued Dogs. Believe me, I have never seen so many Dogs!

Just a couple of day ago I was on my way to STARBUCKS© to do a little Blogging. As I drove past a woman walking her 6 Rescue Dogs which (if You don’t mind) I would like to call her Six Pack. I was totally amazed! I had never seen anything like it! As I continued on my journey the thought of a Blog immediately entered my creative little brain and I couldn’t help but say to myself: “Shucks, I wish I could have taken a photograph of that missed opportunity!”

Well, “Lucky for me”, I saw her again a couple of days later. As I slowly rode by, I rolled down the window of my car and told her that I was an Author Blogger and would love to write a Blog about her walking her 6 Rescue Dogs. And (Lucky for me!) she happily agreed. So, I parked my car on the side of the road and took the above photo and thanked her for her willingness to be of help. She was such a Lovely Lady. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Molly. And as I drove off, I was so happy I belted out a little of the Christmas song: "Oh, by Gosh by Golly, it’s time for Mistletoe and Molly!"

When I stopped at the Stop Sign, a guy on the side of the road yelled at me saying “I should have sung it's time for Mistletoe and Holly not Mistletoe and Molly!

I yelled back at him: The nerve of you! Just who do think you are? Telling me that I should have sung Its’ time for Mistletoe and Holly not #Mistletoe and Molly. I went on telling him that for his information, I said Molly because I was so grateful that Molly allowed me to write a Blog about walking her “Six Pack". And speaking of Mistletoe: There is a wonderful tradition that allows you (of course not you, you nasty man!) the opportunity to give a little kiss on the cheek to someone you like when both of You are standing under some Mistletoe. And if we had been standing under some Mistletoe, there is no doubt in my mind I would have given Molly and each of her Six Pack a little kiss on the cheek.

Well, enough of that rude guy on the side of the road, I’m not going to let him spoil me day! So, let’s get back to How to Write a Blog. Subconsciously, if You are aware of it or not, You, have just picked up the essence of Writing a Great Blog. I will elaborate with the following:

1. A Great Blog comes straight from the heart, not from the head. This simply means You don’t have to be perfect (Politically Correct). Just be You. I must repeat, be Yourself.

2. You have the ability to become A Great Blogger if You just let it happen. Keep in mind that we each have Our own Special Blog that no one else can write.

3. When You start writing, keep it simple, trust God, and ask Him for His help.

4. Just relax and smell the roses! And please, whatever You do, don’t take Yourself too seriously!

5. Always Love and Laugh, Trust and Pray.

6. Just have fun and enjoy the Magic!

P.S. Don’t forget to always be on the lookout for Mistletoe!

And Always Remember!

Depending on my mood I write new exciting Blogs (Well at least most of them are exciting) every one or two weeks, and believe me, my eBooks are Fantastic!

And Keep in Mind

And Never Forget!

A Pig in a Parlor is still a Pig! (L.B. 1940)

Dr. Phil D Mayers,

Dr Phil D Mayers, Author blogger

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Because sharing wth others will slways make you feel good about yourself! (Mindy Lou, Special Education Teacher)

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